Credit: © James Corner Field Operations, Courtesy of Parks for Downtown Dallas


West End Square is currently a parking lot located at 607 Corbin Street in the heart of the West End Historic District of Downtown Dallas. The site is bounded by North Market Street, Corbin Street, North Record Street and what was previously the Spaghetti Warehouse building. West End Square is the only centrally located open space in the entire district, and was identified as a priority park site in the 2004 Downtown Parks Master Plan. 

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Just shy of an acre, this site presents an extraordinary opportunity to create a cutting-edge, vibrant public space within the historic context of the West End. The park design includes features such as an outdoor workroom, prairie gardens, porch swings, game tables and a water feature. The design is anchored by a steel trellis that provides shade and acts as an armature for the Square’s technologies that operate the park. 

James Corner Field Operations is the landscape architect for West End Square and is known for designing iconic projects around the country including The High Line and Beekman Street Plazas in New York City, Navy Pier in Chicago, and Presidio Parklands in San Francisco.

View the West End Square Public Input Report. 

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