Parks for Downtown Dallas is excited to add four new parks to our city’s urban landscape in the next 10 years. We have a deep-seated belief in the benefits parks can provide and a commitment to share these advantages with Dallas citizens and visitors.

Carpenter Park, designed by the award-winning Hargreaves Associates, will be the largest park in downtown. Technically, it’s a renovation of Carpenter Plaza — an expansion from its current size that will encompass a host of features and amenities.

There will be space for food trucks, a park must-have that encourages folks to stay and relax while also attracting local foodies, who track these mobile restaurants. But ample green space and outdoor dining don’t even begin to cover what Carpenter Park will have to offer when it opens. There will be room for bocce ball, as well as a seating area and more green space along Pacific Avenue.

People-watching will be plentiful, but other visitors won’t be the only thing to see. The park is also home to two pieces of world-class art. Robert Irwin, one of America’s pre-eminent modern sculptors, has re-imagined his seminal work Portal Park Piece (Slice). Robert Berks’ statue of John W. Carpenter, Sr., will also be on display for all to enjoy.

The Carpenter family has pledged $3 million toward the renovation of the park. The Decherd Foundation is also an integral part of the project, having invested money and support.

This 5.6-acre park will connect downtown with near East Dallas for the first time in decades. The site’s proximity to the Sheraton Dallas Hotel and the renovated, historic Dallas High School brings city residents and visitors together in new and exciting ways.

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Carpenter Park Public Meeting Notes