Parks for Downtown Dallas


Parks for Downtown Dallas is a nonprofit foundation whose goal is to establish four new, major downtown parks. Thanks to the passing of the 2017 bond package, which Dallas voters overwhelmingly approved, we’re proud to create Pacific Plaza, Carpenter Park, Harwood Park and West End Plaza in the heart of Downtown Dallas. Join us in our mission to change the face of downtown and ensure our great city enjoys great parks!


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5 Musts at the Texas State Fair

Texas has officially welcomed fall with a big “Howdy!” — and that means Big Tex is here to usher in another great State Fair of Texas. Taking over Dallas’ historic Fair Park from September 28 to October 21, this year’s iteration of the best state fair in all the land...
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First Day of Autumn – Our Favorite Fall Activities in Dallas

Every season brings its own special something to Dallas, and fall is no different. With the skies cloudier and the temperatures a bit lower, there’s a certain excitement that envelops the city — and we’re not just talking about the return of football. Whether you’re...
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Places to Pick Your Own Produce Around Dallas

If you enjoy paying a weekly visit to the farmer’s market for fresh fruits and vegetables, then chances are you’re going to fall in love with the experience of visiting a “U-Pick” farm. As the name implies, you actually harvest the produce you wish to purchase at one...
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Our Favorite Dallas-Area Off-Leash Dog Parks

Take a walk just about anywhere around Dallas and one thing will become abundantly clear —e love our dogs. Fluffers and woofers; puppers and doggos; good boys and good girls... no matter what you choose to call them, they’re as much a part of the family in this city...
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Labor Day Weekend Activities Around Dallas

Even if you’ve just gotten back from summer vacation, chances are you’re already more than ready for a three-day weekend. Labor Day, which celebrates the contributions made by hard-working Americans of all stripes, presents the perfect time to squeeze in one last bit...
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The Birds and the Bees of Urban Farming in Dallas

When you think of farming, does your imagination conjure up grazing livestock, tractors, families clad in overalls and red barns full of hay? Or maybe you picture vast swaths of tall, green crops stretching from horizon to horizon. Those familiar images aside, a new...
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Last-Minute Summer Experiences Before School Starts

A new school year is just around the corner, and we can practically smell the freshly sharpened pencils and still-warm-from-the-copier paper from here. But before you bid a fond farewell to another summer, make sure you’ve crossed these last-minute family activities...

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Explore These Texas State Parks

Spanning over 268,000 square miles, Texas is home to some of the most stunning and varied topography the North American continent has to offer. From the coastal plains of the Gulf of Mexico to the desert valleys streaking from one end of the Trans-Pecos region to the...

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