Belo Garden

Belo Garden is located in the center of Downtown Dallas at 1014 Main Street. The 1.7-acre park, which opened to the public in spring 2012, was previously a surface parking lot. The location was identified as a potential park site in the Dallas Park & Recreation Department’s 2004 Downtown Parks Master Plan. 

Where once stood a gray and dreary parking lot is now a lush, vibrant garden with shade trees and green grass. Taking its inspiration from the Texas prairie, the park features flowing bands of native and ornamental grasses and flowers. In the heart of the park, an interactive fountain captivates and delights park goers and provides relief from the Texas heat. 

Belo Garden is the result of a joint funding effort between PfDD’s predecessor organization (The Belo Foundation), Belo Corp., Maureen and Robert Decherd, and the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department.