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About Us

Parks for Downtown Dallas (PfDD) is a 501(c)(3) foundation established in 2015 to advance the long-term development and support of public parks within Downtown. PfDD is embarked on a course to build four new urban neighborhood parks by year-end 2022, and in parallel, develop a framework for maintaining and improving Downtown’s public parks. The strategy is founded upon the design principles and financing tactics outlined in the 2004 Downtown Parks Master Plan and its 2013 Update, both of which were unanimously adopted by the Dallas City Council and Dallas Park and Recreation. Join us on this journey to create a community of parks as vibrant as the people who call this city home.

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Four New Parks

Parks for Downtown Dallas has committed substantially all of its assets to the design and construction of the four priority parks identified in the Dallas Park and Recreation Department’s 2013 Downtown Parks Master Plan Update. PfDD completed Pacific Plaza in October 2019, and continues to advance work on West End Square, Carpenter Park and Harwood Park.

The four priority parks are being funded by $39.4 million in City of Dallas bonds, approved by the citizens of Dallas as part of the 2006 and 2017 Bond Programs, and $56 million in committed private investment. 

In parallel with park design and construction, PfDD is actively engaged in a $25 million fundraising campaign to assure the long-term maintenance and support of all Downtown parks. The Parks for Downtown Dallas General Endowment was established in 2018 to support future public improvements and ensure that our Downtown park system continues to contribute to the sustainability and quality of life for decades to come. The fund complements the City’s investment in routine maintenance and upholds the quality of these green spaces in a dense urban environment.



Our Track Record

Parks for Downtown Dallas is a longtime partner in building and maintaining Downtown Dallas parks and open space, beginning with the construction of Lubben Plaza which was gifted to the City of Dallas in 1985. PfDD’s predecessor organizations, The Belo Foundation, supported Downtown parks through grants to the Dallas Parks Foundation for Pioneer Plaza; the creation of the Dallas Police Memorial; maintenance of Lubben Plaza from 2002-2018; multi-year funding for the operations of Ferris Plaza; as well as the design, construction and ongoing maintenance of Belo Garden.


Awards & Accolades


Our Team

Amy Meadows, who previously served for 11 years as the Vice President and Executive Director of The Belo Foundation, is President and CEO of Parks for Downtown Dallas. Its trustees include chairman Robert Decherd, Guy Kerr, Dunia Shive and Marian Spitzberg.